Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

Planned breedings

Every litter is bred with the intention of producing good performance dogs, which will also make fantastic companions. 

With these breedings aiming for specific traits I love to see them go to homes where they will get to promote the breed.


Late 2018 - 

Erudite Holly to French Champion Woylies Freddy IPO3.   This will give high drive pups with absolute rock solid nerves. Really suited to IPO and competitive obedience. 



Erudite Esmeralda to Erudite Jake.  This will be an all red litter and should be stunners.  Planning the breeding late 2018



Skye to the lovely blue boy Breaker






Contact Details

Belinda Carter
Albury, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 541302
Email : [email protected]