Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

Jabaluka Cattle Breaker

Breaker has some wonderful dogs multiple times in his pedigree.  He has 5 crosses to Ch Cherimoya Cattle Hobo, and multiple crosses to Ch Kenbrook Cattle King.   Both of these dogs came from breeders who bred dogs for working purposes.  

Hobo was the sire of DC Rewuri Blue Bogong who became a legendary trialling competitor in the US. 

Breaker himself is a social, cognitive dog.  A 'think before acting' dog.  He easily co exists with other males.  I used Breaker as I wanted to chase the old lines in his pedigree, and also because he was the type which I like - substance but with athletic legs.  I wont use nasty or aggressive type stud dogs, and Breaker more than is the opposite.  



Some of the dogs in his pedigree - 


Ch Cherimoya Cattle Hobo

Ch Kenbrook Cattle King


Ch Jabaluka Blue Rebo


Wooleston Blue Jaime

Wooleston Blue Boy


Contact Details

Belinda Carter
Albury, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 541302
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