Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs


11th April, 2019

Koha is one of the Pyro x Tess pups and he is learning all the cool tricks

He is also such a good puppy around the cats

27th March, 2019

​Ella, litter sister to Ace & Bindi, has hit the ground running at the 600 head Angus stud she is living on.  8 weeks old and already out amoungst the youngstock. 

25th March, 2019

Ace & Bindi are real water babies.  They love heading down to the creek and are very adept swimmers! 

22nd March, 2019

The Breaker x Skye pups have left home.  Well, 3 of them while Ace & Bindi are staying. 


Scott last year gave Ruby a home (Py x CJ) and he is so impressed with her that they have given 'Tess' a home too!  Ruby helps with the sheep, so sensible around the horses and apparently just a delight to live with.  Hopefully this young girl lives up the the high bar Ruby has already set!

Bindi is staying and she is such a sweet pup. 

Ace is staying until I can find someone happy to co own him, so I can use him at stud down the track.  He is such a handsome puppy who loves hanging out with people

19 March, 2019

Pyro is growing into a handsome dog.  Not quite 2 years old yet, but even after siring 2 litters he is still a social, very non aggressive male stud dog.  

25th February, 2019

Skye's pups are now 4.5 weeks old. So happy with them!  I've decided to keep both a boy and a girl.  I havent taken deposits for the remaining 3 yet, but will be sorting out homes soon for them.  

18th February, 2019

Kelly & Esme went to a clinic run by the Victorian Cattle Dog Trialling Association over the weekend.  They are the first 'heelers' to ever attend anything with this club in living memory.  They both did super. 


13th February, 2019

Puppy school graduation for Holly - a daughter of Esme & Jake.  She looks so much like Esme when she graduated from puppy school.

12th February, 2019

The red boys from Tess & Pyro have 1 week until they head to their new homes. They have been so much fun to have - very sweet like their mum and a great sense of humour from their dad.  


Skye's pups are now 2.5 weeks old and its so nice to have a blue litter again. 


10th February, 2019

Karen had this stunning drawing done of CJ.  

29th January, 2019

CJ is back in training and has been used on some recalcitrant sheep which were standing up some softer dogs.  It would take a brave sheep to take on CJ!

27th January, 2019

Tess & Pyro's pups are the funniest guys.  5 weeks old and already jumping in and out of their kiddy pool, racing around the backyard and using puppy pee pads inside.  With Tess as their mum they should grow to be very sensible, smart boys. 

24th January, 2019

​Skye had her beautiful pups to Breaker - 5 puppies


Not only am I breeding Australian Cattle Dogs, I am now enjoying the Australian Stock Horses.  I am still a registered Thoroughbred breeder, but haven't had horses in my life for a number of years now. 

I had a positive pregnancy scan for Dani  - Chalani Chardonnay!  I have always loved the Heritage Australian Stock Horses, and with Cooper the black horse also with Chalani bloodlines, he is by Chalani Paper Man, it seemed logical to stick with this great line of horses - polo bred ASH.  

The beautiful Dani, the palomino and Tempo, who she is in foal to. 


22nd January, 2019

​Mako, just before his first birthday.  He is so handsome!


18th January, 2019

Very sad news that Fergie recently died, just pior to her first birthday.  Scott, from Mullaway Agricultural, had been teaching her 'on the job' with his senior dogs and she was going so well.  It's such a loss as she was shaping into a handy dog. 

From Scott - "Fergie was shaping into a good little work dog and a big character.  Very full on early onbut I think would have settled with work.  Fergie was always looking to please and liked to be with you. She was brave and always sure of her abilities. For an ACD she surprised me by constantly looking for the head of stock to bring them back.  Her other ability I was impressed by was her covering of her stock, I think in time her skills could have been enhanced with more work on stock that moved more freely. All in all I believe Fergie had the makings of a very usable work dog on a variety of stock tyes and it is a great disappointment to have lost her so soon"

12th January, 2019

Kelly has been out helping with farm chores, moving cow/calf pairs onto more feed.  Happy with her ability to stand her ground and bite a nose at a charging cow, and to gather a herd.  

7th January, 2019

Very happy to say Erudite won the Best Australian Cattle Dog Breeder in Australia award, thanks to the Dogzonline pointscore.  A HUGE thankyou to my friends who helped make this happen by giving these talented dogs a chance to shine.  Really looking forward to this year as the youngsters from last year mature enough to start competing.  We have CJ, Esme and Kelly all up in the Intermediate class for A course herding, Skye to begin in Started and to go further in Rally, Bandit to begin his career, Meg to continue with showing and rally, Mako to get serious with his training, and maybe even Lexie to go to Sydney Royal.  Jake is having a ball with scent detection work and Pyro is maturing in his work.  

All very exciting for 2019.  Plus we have the dogs out in working homes with Fergie maturing, Nettie to get a foundation and quite a few more that are getting great reports.  

Once again, thankyou to all the wonderful homes!  


5th January, 2019

Check out Jake learning scent detection work in QLD with Jane from Dogsontrack, by all accounts he uses his nose very well. WIll be fun to see him in this sport this year as it is now recognised by the ANKC. 

5th January, 2019

Check out the Jake x Esme pups during some of their socialisation exercises.  This is great for developing resilience and confidence. 


4th January, 2019

The 3 red Tess boys are enjoying the airconditioning while its 47 degrees outside.  Home raised pups really do get an awesome start to life. 

The biggest pup

This little boy is so affectionate 

Lastly, this boy is really sweet


3rd January, 2019

​Lexie is 11 months old now and she turned out just as pretty as I expected.  She is a Ted and Kelly daughter.  


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